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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Mocca Lyrics - Buddy Zeus

"Mocca - Buddy Zeus"

I try to find that old blue leash
Here you are but please don't bark!
Running, playing in the park
Tryin' to find your favorite spot

Go fetch that stick my furry friend
Or catch that Frisbee in the wind
I bounce the ball you start to roll
But then you suddenly stop

Oh God!you poo but what can I do?
I hope no one sees that thing you do
Oh please don't pee you embarrass me
I hope no one sees that thing you do

My dear Buddy, it's time for bath!
Don't you dare to run away!
The suds are up, come on get up!
I've got a date please hurry up!

Here he comes the guy next door
And he's the one that I adore
And then he smiles I start to blush
But then you suddenly stop!

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